SISU bootcamp - Experiential teamwork and management training with a unique touch

Are you looking for an unforgettable opportunity for your company to strengthen team spirit and develop skills in a unique environment?

SISU Bootcamp offers companies a unique opportunity to develop team spirit, management and other useful skills with the help of military-themed camps. Camps last from one to several days and are always planned in cooperation with the customer.

In camps:

  • You will experience an unforgettable experience: The camps are organized in environments where nature is close and they contain plenty of exciting and challenging activities.
  • You develop team spirit: The camps are designed to strengthen cooperation skills and communication between team members.
  • Learn leadership skills: At the camps, you get practical experience in leadership and decision-making in varying situations.
  • You get to know your coworkers better: Camps offer a relaxed and informal environment to get to know your coworkers and create new relationships.
  • Learn other useful skills: At camps you can learn, for example, first aid, survival skills and problem solving.

Camp location and dates:

The location and time of the camp are always planned in cooperation with the customer. Camps can be organized, for example, in the forest, by the sea or in a place chosen by the company. The time of the camps can be on the weekend or on weekdays and last just the time that suits the customer.


Pricing is based on the offer and the price is affected by the location, content and duration of the camp. Ask for an offer today!